The Unicorn Head Mask

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Sometimes, you just feel wrong. Your outsides tell the world that you're one thing, but in your heart of hearts, you know you're something else. There are ways to help you achieve the goal of matching your outsides to your insides. Some of those are mighty expensive. But if your inside is a magical unicorn, you're in luck, because that's a cheap fix!

The Unicorn Head Mask is made of high-quality latex. Wear it while romping through a meadow, shopping in your favorite candy store, or sitting in your weekly meeting with the boss. Take it out with you and you'll be guaranteed to have a magical time!

Product Specifications

  • Now you can be a magical unicorn
  • Realistic unicorn head made of latex and faux fur
  • Size: Fits most adults heads
  • Allergy warning: If you're allergic to latex, don't wear this.

Returns Policy:

Satisfaction guaranteed - 30-day return policy.

Due to extremely high demand, shipping times are:
12-30 days in the US
16-30 days in Canada
30-40 days everywhere else

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