Mermaid Necklace

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Mermaids are enchanting, mythological creatures that live deep under the sea. They inspire the imagination of those who dream of one day seeing one, or perhaps one day being one! Until that day comes, our beautiful mermaid necklace will have to serve as a reminder of the magical unknown that surrounds us. You're going to love this unique piece that comes in gold, silver, or bronze colors. Crafted from a durable zinc alloy, this piece is perfect for everyday wear or just once in awhile. To top it all off, the price is so affordable, you can buy without guilt. 

The chain of the necklace is approximately 30" long.

The pendant is approximately 1.6" x 2.4" large.

Our beautiful mermaid necklace is the perfect gift for all of your friends and family at an affordable price!

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