Galaxy Skater Dress

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The galaxy print is from a photo taken by NASA of an actual galaxy. 

Size chart:
Size           Bust                  Waist                       Hips                   Length
S          80cm/31.50''       62cm/24.41''        82cm/32.28''        82cm/32.28'' 
M         84cm/33.07''       66cm/25.98''        86cm/33.86''        83cm/32.68'' 
L          88cm/34.65''       70cm/27.56''        90cm/35.43''        84cm/33.07'' 
XL        92cm36.22''        74cm/29.13''        94cm/37.01''        85cm/33.46''
2XL      96cm/37.80''       78cm/30.71''        98cm/38.56''        86cm/33.86'' 

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12-30 days in the US
16-30 days in Canada
30-40 days everywhere else

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