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Perfect for you and your loved ones! These t-shirts are simply killin' it! Be it a birthday gift or a way of standing out on a vacation.

King and Prince t-shirts are available in black and Queen and Princess t-shirts are available in white.

T-shirts are unisex.

Sizing chart:

Queen T-shirt
S : Length 63.5cm Bust 93.98cm Shoulder 38cm
M : Length 64cm Bust 97cm Shoulder 39cm
L : Length 66cm Bust 101cm Shoulder 40cm
XL : Length 67cm Bust 105cm Shoulder 41cm
2XL : Length 68cm Bust 109cm Shoulder 42cm
3XL : Length 69cm Bust 113cm Shoulder 43cm
King T-shirt 
S : Length 69cm Bust 102cm Shoulder 40cm
M : Length 71cm Bust 106cm Shoulder 41cm
L : Length 72cm Bust 110cm Shoulder 42cm
XL : Length 73cm Bust 114cm Shoulder 43cm
2XL : Length 74cm Bust 118cm Shoulder 44cm
3XL : Length 76cm Bust 121cm Shoulder 45cm
Prince and Princess T-shirts
S : Length 37cm Bust 52cm Shoulder 23cm
M : Length 38cm Bust 56cm Shoulder 24cm
L : Length 41cm Bust 58cm Shoulder 25cm
XL : Length 44cm Bust 60cm Shoulder 26cm
2XL : Length 47cm Bust 62cm Shoulder 27cm
3XL : Length 50cm Bust 64cm Shoulder 28cm

Returns Policy:

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Due to extremely high demand, shipping times are:
12-30 days in the US
16-30 days in Canada
30-40 days everywhere else

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