I Am Not A Morning Person Watch

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Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Is it hard for you to concentrate shortly after sunrise, but in the evening you’re more productive than ever? If so, odds are that you’re not a morning person. But who cares, right? 
Wearing this cool and stylish I am not a morning person wrist watch is an expression of embracing your night owl nature in a unique and quirky way. 
It is something that you need to be proud of since some research show night persons like you have higher IQ and appear to be more creative. How cool is that?
Stock is limited. Grab yours now and show the world your personality while being hip and trendy.

• Condition: Brand New (Unboxed)
• Band Material: PU Leather
• Movement: Quartz
• Watch Case Diameter: 3.8cm (Approx.)
• Watchband Width: 2cm (Approx.)
• Watch Length: 23cm (Approx.)

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