Wishful Pendant Collection

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There is no reason to not love these necklaces! 
Each necklace is special, and comes with its own positive special uniqueness. All you have to do is believe.
The Purple Amulet gives strength, when you most need it. 
The Blue amulet gives wisdom and clarity, in times of crisis.
The Yin-Yang represents peace, and helps keep you grounded, and in the moment.
The Elephant, brings you luck.
The Moon brings relaxation, to help you stay calm. 
The Sun brings you energy, to uplift you.
The Aum helps you focus.
The Hamsa Amulet repels evil.
The Leaf brings forth peace and averts conflict.
The Tree of Life is a jack of all trades, bringing you a little bit of everything.
These aren't sold in stores & are the perfect gift for any spiritual person!

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