Shark Baby Sleeping Bag

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Ensure your baby is warm and comfortable when you are on the go or when they simply need a nap. This baby shark sleeping bag ensures your baby will stay warm and comfortable. This bag opens up very wide by the use of a heavy duty zipper that travels along the one side and behind the fin. This long zipper ensures that you can easily get your child in and out of the bag. The bag is not only good for napping but also for on the go. This sleeping bag has slits in the bag that are designed to be cut open by scissors. Once the slits are cut open you can thread through the straps for the car seat or stroller. No more worrying about blankets falling off of your child in transit or them kicking them off. This design basically makes the car seat and sleeping bag one item. This works for most strollers and car seats. The recommended age range for this item is 0-2 years old. 

Size :  88cm x 45cm

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