Lazy Bag Fast Inflatable Sofa Air Bed

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars


Whether you're doing camping, lounging around the beach, or hanging out at music festivals, you'll need something to sit on. This inflatable sleeping bag is up to the task! It is portable and ultra-light: you can carry it anywhere and anytime. No inflator pump needed! It can be inflated by manually passing it through the air or placing it against a moderate breeze. And with 200kg maximum loading, 2 - 3 people can plop down in comfort.

Main Features:
- Made of high quality nylon material, durable
- 1.5KG weight, you can take it to anywhere and anytime
- 200kg loading, suitable for 2 - 3 person
- Equipped with storage bag

- No need inflator pump, it can be inflated against wind no more than 10 seconds
- Please keep it away from fires, hard objects or any sharp things
- Please do not jump on it

How To Use:
1. Take out the sleeping bag from storage bag, then hold and shake it against wind, or run with the mouth opened
2. Roll the seal and button it up

Returns Policy:

Satisfaction guaranteed - 30-day return policy.

Due to extremely high demand, shipping times are:
12-30 days in the US
16-30 days in Canada
30-40 days everywhere else

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