Top 5 Harry Potter Merchandise for Every Harry Potter Fan

Top 5 Harry Potter Merchandise for Every Harry Potter Fan

  • Sue Hall

Harry Potter fans, today we have something you. The ultra-popular movie and book series is one of the biggest global entertainment successes. If you are a fan of a specific book or movie and if you love Harry Potter and his friends as characters it is most likely that you would love to enjoy and have Harry Potter merchandise. If you don’t have any ideas which merchandise to get for you or as a gift, here are the best 5 Harry Potter inspired products that will surely satisfy anyone’s needs. Yes, there is little magic story in each and one of them.

  1. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Earrings

If you want to have the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility and be powerful like the characters in the series, these 3 earrings can help you with that. It is interesting that you’ll have all 3 of them within one Harry Potter Merchandise purchase, and no character in the series has owned all 3 of them at ones. Because, the one that will have all 3 according to the book is called “Master of Death” it would be extremely cool to own them all 3.

  1. Harry Potter Hogwarts House Crest Necktie

Many of the Harry Potter fans remember this compelling and cute neckties. The Hogwarts House Crest Neckties were characteristic for the Harry Potter series from the very beginning. You can wear this cool necktie in your real life as well at parties or at school. They look cool and they are available in many different colors. Look classy and fun with this colorful Harry Potter merchandise.

  1. Harry Potter Hufflepuff Cup Necklace

This necklace is one of the best and most interesting Harry Potter merchandise. This is because besides the quality bronze necklace, there is a wine Hufflepuff Cup attached to it. Great for a cool gift or as an accessory. It looks and feels great, besides being a great accessory to show your passion for the Harry Potter series.

  1. Harry Potter Owl Hedwig Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Necklace

This is one of the coolest Harry Potter Merchandise because it is a necklace with the Owl Hedwig Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. This cool product comes with an envelope with beautiful harry potter alike typography and message from wizard School. The message is carried by Hedwig and the unisex necklace is actually an acceptance letter from the Wizard School.

  1. Harry Potter Magic Wand Pendant Necklace

It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter merchandise list if we didn’t embrace the lovely magic wand pendant necklace. The neckless is unisex, it’s built from light, but sturdy materials. The design and feel are great and it indeed looks insanely cool. With the color and design, it can fit any style. It’s perfect for a gift too!

No matter which product or products you choose, you wouldn’t make a mistake. They are built from quality materials and are affordable. Not only that they are a great souvenir idea for the Harry Potter fans, they are also interesting gift ideas.



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