These 5 Items Capture The Beauty of the Cosmos Amazingly Well

  • Jean Barette

For millennia, humans have been turning their heads up to the sky for inspiration. The beauty of the cosmos has always captured peoples' imaginations, spurring countless works of art, literature, architecture and more. Now, through advanced telescope technology, the mysterious and wonderful depths of the universe has been uncovered for all to enjoy. 

Manufacturers have taken the best astrophotography and put it on everyday items so that you can show off your love for the universe and space. From iPhone cases to necklaces, these items will remind you of the vastness of the cosmos. And when you're carrying around a little reminder of the vastness of the cosmos, it really puts things into perspective as you go along your busy day.

These items are:

  • Made with breathtaking craftsmanship
  • Totally versatile
  • Let people know you're cool and into astronomy

Let's check them out!

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Galaxy Crystal Ball Necklace

Scientists teach us that our galaxy is just one tiny ball in the huge sea of the universe. We think so too, which why we made these glorious Galaxy Crystal Ball Necklaces. Hold the galaxy in your hand with these lovely, glass orbs. These pendants each feature a delicate image of a galaxy, and reflects and refracts light.

galaxy ball necklace

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Earth Surface Marble iPhone Case

Perhaps no image has inspired human beings more than the 1972 "Blue Marble" photo of the earth. Many big thinkers, including Carl Sagan, spoke on how this image inspired in him a feeling of brotherhood and love among all human beings. These iPhone case designs are based on this image, and meant to inspire these same feelings. With these cases, maybe you'll stop yourself the next time you send an angry text. After all, we are all tiny creatures floating on this tiny ball together.

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Sterling Silver Constellation Pendant Necklaces

For thousands of years, stargazers have been looking out to the skies to find messages from the gods inscribed in the stars. Although most people aren't searching for messages from the gods anymore, millions around the world still enjoy stargazing and identifying constellations. These lovely, sterling-silver necklaces come in each of the 12 major constellations. Made with crystals, these sparkle like real stars in the sky. 

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Moon Surface iPhone Case

This case is made using an advanced printing technique to create the look - and feel - of the moon's surface. The vivid craters are textured, making the case delightful to touch. Not only will this case give your iPhone a lunar makeover, but it will protect it light wear and tear. 

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Galaxy Hoodie Sweatshirt

We all wish we could take a rock ship and go travel through the galaxy. But since most of us can't (not until Elon Musk gets his space program going!) we have these awesome hoodies instead. Envelope yourself in these cosmic hoodies, the next best thing to being in real space. A huge bonus, they are sure to make you look stylish and on point in any astronomy-loving circle (and who doesn't love astronomy?!)

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There you have it space-lovers: all of the items you need to fill your life with the beauty of the moon, stars, universe and beyond. Now, you don't have to wait until a dark, clear night to get lost in the stars.

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