5 Ways to Create Adorable Sleeping Baby Photos

  • Jean Barette

There is nothing more peaceful than a small baby fast asleep. In fact, some of the most magical moments you experience with your baby are when they are soundly sleeping. These are the moments when you can pause from all of the busyness of caring for a young child, and really appreciate how amazing they really are. These are the moments that you want to treasure forever. And since photography and videos are the best thing we have to help relive these moments, it’s great to build up a treasure trove of cute sleepy baby photos. Today, I am going to share 5 ways to create stunning sleeping baby photography that will bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

1. Sleepy with the Elephant

This creative photo requires placing a sleepy baby in the right position, which shouldn’t be difficult with a cozy and soft plush elephant toy. You don’t need a professional photographer to ace this photo - you can even make one with your smartphone, just like the mom who captured this photo did.

2. Sleeping Angel

Let's be real - babies aren't always idyllic when awake. But when they are sleeping, they are cute enough to make you cry: little sleeping angels. Bring the metaphor to life with a pair of angel wings. This photo is easy to do - simply slip a pair of fluffy angel wings onto your little one while they are already sleeping. 

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3. Baby in a sock

While this pose is simple, it is an incredible way to create a great memory of how cute and tiny your baby was when they first came into the world. Stick your baby into a sock and snap a picture before they get too big!

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4. Ballerina Baby

Perfect for a newborn baby girl. This photo can incorporate a before photo of the baby girl playing and dancing around, followed by an after photo of the girl all tuckered in her adorable tutu. This simple pose can be done at home or at a photography studio.

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5. Baby Dinosaur


This one is perfect for a baby boy. Since your baby roars like a dinosaur during the day, it makes sense to capture his raucous nature when they are sleeping and still. For extra effect, capture the picture when your baby is yawning - ROAR!

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I hope this leaves you with quite a few ideas of how to make great photo memories of your cute sleepy baby. Subscribe for more great ideas!

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