4 Products That Can Express Passion for your Favorite Shows and Movies

  • Sue Hall

We all have at least one tv show or movie that we are crazy about. Sharing photos, wallpapers, profile pictures, soundtracks or quotes is a great way to show our passion and appreciation for our favorite shows or movies. However, another great thing is buying movie related merchandise or gifts. These merchandises are usually inspired either by logos, names, characters or scenes. Here are 4 type of products that you can buy to express your passion about certain movies or shows.


Buying pillows with your favorite characters or quote can help you connect even more with the TV Show or movie and it will make your bedroom look much cooler. GOT pillows can be bought from our Game of Thrones Merchandise store for example. No matter if it is the cute face of John Snow or the beautiful and dangerously gentle Daenerys, or maybe the classic Harry Potter face in our Harry Potter Merchandise section, you will definitely find great products.

Necklaces or Bracelets

Necklaces or bracelets are a great and easy accessory that is both affordable and can go in-line with any style or clothes. They are a beautiful way to express passion about the shows or movies you love. They can be in the form of a neckless some star wore in a particular role. Our Star Wars Merchandise section will give you great options for bracelets and you can really fun other complementary accessories for this hit movie. But, not just for this movie, you can find for lots of other blockbusters or hit series. They are affordable, quality and with lovely artwork and design!

Smartphone Cases

No matter if you have an Android phone or an iPhone, having a slick, cool and show or movie themed case is always a great option to express your appreciation and passion for a certain show. Having the face of your favorite character, or the logo and artwork, displayed on a device you use every day and your friends can see is always a great choice. They are functional and handy too as they will protect your smartphone from any damage. We got some really affordable cases that offer great quality and durability with outstanding artwork.


T-shirts are the most popular and visible way to express your passion towards your favorite show. They are used for decades and for a reason. They are durable, can be worn for years and because of the size they enable great design and art options. Based on the print and the size of the artwork, as well as the material, the t-shirts vary in prices. However, one thing is certain, they are the most comfortable and most convenient way to express how you feel about your favorite shows or movies and they pretty much go with any other clothes.

Our Game of Thrones Merchandise sections has all of these products for the fans of this popular HBO show. If you adored Force Awaken, check out our Star Wars Merchandise section. Fan of Harry Potter books and movies? Check out our Harry Potter Merchandise section. We have lots of other cool movies and shows sections on #iwantitsobad. All you need to do is find movie or show merchandise that will make you say “I WANT IT SO BAD”.


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