10 Pokemon Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Friends

10 Pokemon Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Friends

  • Demir Kizen

Ever heard of any smartphone game go this much crazy like Pokemon Go have gone these past few months. Millions of fans have been roaming around the streets to cash, catch and play Pokemon go this summer. While millions of others are busy buying hot Pokémon merchandise. Almost 90% Pokemon merchandise sales have had risen in about a month or less which proves its worth in the market.

Following are the great finds of Pokemon Merchandise at our platform that you just cannot miss out

Pokemon Pokeball Ring

If you are a Pokémon pro and you wish you have something that makes you prominent than this Pokémon Pokeball ring is the best thing for you to buy and show your love for Pokemon. Pokémon Pokeball Ring are available in 3 colors black, silver and bronze at our Pokemon Merchandise. We have an amazing price of $9.95 which assures you of good quality with reasonable price.

Pokemon Go Pokeball Power Bank Portable Battery Charger

A portable battery charger and that too with an outlook of Pokemon Pokeball is what everyone waited for. With a 1200mAh battery capacity and compatible USB port indicates its importance and its worthiness for the Pokemon fans. The most powerful plus point of this Pokémon pokeball charger is its compatibility with most of the mobile phones and you can get this in just $39.95.

Pokemon Pokeball Stud Earrings

Show your love for Pokemon by having Pokemon Pokeball Stud Earrings blending with your outfits. We have a variety of 7 styles which are all equally unique in its appearance. They are multi-colored earrings with stylishly maneuvered designs and looks. You can make your mark in any event by wearing those and prove your special presence. Just $6.95 to pay and you get the desired style combo colored for you.

Pokemon Pokeball Plush Keychain

Teenagers love to have key chains for their cars and motor bikes and they want it to be little bit funky and special. Keeping in mind of teenager’s mindset we have some great color combos for Pokemon Pokeball Plush Key chains that you can for just $9.95. Available colors are Red and Blue. These ball type circular pouches are soft and super cute and are perfect for young ones enjoying their lives with Pokemon stuffs.

Pokemon Pokeball Iphone Case

Playing Pokemon go without your mobile phone case? Not good at all! Just get your Pokémon pokeball iPhone case from us by paying $12.95. We have different blend of colors with some unique textures styles for our iPhone mobile fans for IPhone 5s, 6s and plus versions of both.

Pokemon Pokeball And Pikachu Mug

A ceramic Pokemon Pokeball Mug is all what you want for yourself at home. But getting this stylish mug for your friend or relative isn’t a bad idea as well just like gifting it and believe it or not he will be happy after having it. Pokemon Pokeball Mug is available at a price of $19.95.At similar price you can also get the all time demanded Pokemon Pikachu mug.

Pokemon Pokeball Halterneck And Pikachu Triangle Bikini

Bikini and Pokémon lovers have a great advantage at our platform to have both a bikini and with a Pokémon touch for just $19.95. Pokemon Pokeball Halterneck Triangle bikini will ensure you get amazing response at beaches and everyone will notice you for sure. We have different sizes available for our clients at same price. Same goes with Pikachu featured Bikini because lots of people tend to buy Pikachu ones as the most favorites.

Pokemon Pokeball Glass Pendant Necklace And Pokemon Pokeball Cufflinks

Both of these stuffs are not sold in stores so you get it exclusively online from us. Pokemon Pokeball Glass Pendant Necklace is available at $9.95 whereas Pokemon Pokeball Cufflinks at $7.95. Both have silver and bronze stock of colors.

Pokemon Pokeball Charm And Pikachu Bracelet

With 7 styles at our platform you can get which one you like the best or many as you wish. All the styles are different and colors are quite fantastic creating a perfect bracelet. Get these bracelets at $9.95 and enjoy to the most. Pikachu featured bracelet is also available at our platform for no greater price.

Pokemon Plush Figure Toys

These soft cute plushy toys are beautifully prepared which enhances the spirit the Pokémon’s spirit within and help you find your rhythm. Pokemon Plush Figure Toys can be kept as display pieces or for young ones to play with and make the most of their enjoyment and repayment. We have 15 styles available at most affordable price of $9.95.



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